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The Golf Tidy

The Golf Tidy is a exciting new golf equipment unit which offers every keen golfer the luxury of having all their golfing equipment tidy and organised in one unique unit. From shoes to hats, trolleys to umbrellas the tidy has a place for them all. All our Golf Tidy’s are hand built by our bespoke joiners, so you can be sure that a high level of pride and finish has gone into each and every golf tidy that leaves the workshop.

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Key Factors

  • The Golf Tidy comes in a single or double design.
  • The Golf Tidy is capable of holding any golf bag no matter how big.
  • With a place for everything you’ll never waste time looking for your equipment again.
  • With a strong a durable design you can be sure it holds everything golf related you have.
  • Designed by Golfers, made by skilled craftsmen.

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