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Box Sash Windows

Our range of box sash windows are designed to keep all of the original design qualities but are brought up to date with double glazed units with low E glass and specially designed staff and parting beads. These carry a draft excluding brush which not only eliminates any draft problem that box sash windows have been the victim of since their conception in the 1800ís, but it also eliminates any of the rattling problems most old sashes suffer from. All our replacement sashes are hand made in hardwood using traditional joinery methods.

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Apart from the replacement windows we also offer an overhaul service for box sash window,

Step 1, Refitting sashes to eliminate any gaps where they meet the top of the box. And sanding down any built up paint that hinders the smooth running of the sashes.

Step 2, Replace all cords for new nylon cords which are far stronger and last longer than standard sash cord.

Step 3, Replace both staff and parting beads for new beads which carry the draft excluding brush.

Step 4, new window locks.

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